Lotus Dark

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The original La N’atelier creation and our most multifunctional object! Often used for phones, handbags, cameras or even binoculars! Get creative and choose the one that fits your moods and looks.

Length: 40 cm
Hook: Gold

Every piece is lovely handcrafted in The Netherlands

Artistry in Every Braid

Explore our exquisitely handcrafted straps, the perfect accessory for elevating your bags, phones, and cameras. Each strap is meticulously crafted to marry style with durability, ensuring a secure and fashionable complement to your cherished belongings.

Designed with versatility in mind, our handmade straps offer a seamless transition from enhancing your favorite bag to securing your treasured camera or phone. Made with premium materials and artisanal precision, these straps are not just functional but also an expression of individuality and elegance.

Whether you're a photographer seeking comfort and security for your camera, a phone enthusiast looking to accessorize with flair, or a bag lover aiming to add a personal touch, our handmade straps cater to your diverse needs. With attention to detail and durability at the forefront, these straps guarantee both style and reliability.

Indulge in our collection of handmade straps today and discover the perfect blend of functionality and fashion for your bags, phones, and cameras.


Every piece is lovingly handcrafted.


Attention to detail define every piece.


Environmentally conscious approach by optimizing usage of our fabrics.


Celebrate cultural traditions and ancestral craftsmanship.

To bring your daily moments to a next level

Customer Reviews


01 July 2023

Prachtig product; netjes en snel ontvangen


28 June 2023

Mooi afgewerkt, precies zo als op de foto!


01 March 2023

geweldige kwaliteit en verpakking, ty!

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