Classique Bags

Classique Bags

Classique Bags Collection

La N'atelier stands at the intersection of artisanal tradition and contemporary needs. The Classique bags are a perfect embodiment of this philosophy. Each bag is handcrafted by skilled artisans who understand that true quality is in the details. The leather, carefully chosen for its durability and natural elegance, ages beautifully, telling a unique story with each wear.


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Classique Bag BlackClassique Bag Black
Classique Bag Black Sale price€149,95
Classique Bag CognacClassique Bag Cognac
Classique Bag Cognac Sale price€149,95
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Classique Bag Dark BrownClassique Bag Dark Brown
Classique Bag Dark Brown Sale price€149,95
Classique Bags



Every piece is lovingly handcrafted


Attention to detail define every piece.


Environmentally conscious approach by optimizing usage of our fabrics


Celebrate cultural traditions and ancestral craftsmanship