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Whether it’s the key to your house, workplace, ride or heart - those daily moments of turning the lock will become seconds of beauty with these key rings. Moreover, these key rings were made from left over bits of fabric used for some of our bigger products, in order to avoid waste. And last but not least, if you are one of those people who’s always looking for their keys - these key rings really help bring them to your attention!


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Sweet Pea LightSweet Pea Light
Sweet Pea Light Sale price$17.00
Forget Me NotForget Me Not
Forget Me Not Sale price$17.00
Lily LightLily Light
Lily Light Sale price$17.00
Sold out
Peony Blue LightPeony Blue Light
Peony Blue Light Sale price$17.00
Lily DarkLily Dark
Lily Dark Sale price$17.00
Dandelion PinkDandelion Pink
Dandelion Pink Sale price$17.00
Blossom Pastel DarkBlossom Pastel Dark
Blossom Pastel Dark Sale price$17.00
Cinnamon Pink DarkCinnamon Pink Dark
Cinnamon Pink Dark Sale price$17.00
Moonflower WhiteMoonflower White
Moonflower White Sale price$17.00
Moonflower DarkMoonflower Dark
Moonflower Dark Sale price$17.00
Paisley DarkPaisley Dark
Paisley Dark Sale price$17.00
Clover Sale price$17.00
Buttercup DarkButtercup Dark
Buttercup Dark Sale price$17.00
Dandelion PeachDandelion Peach
Dandelion Peach Sale price$17.00
Sold out
Juniper Sale price$17.00
Hazel Sale price$17.00
Wildflower YellowWildflower Yellow
Wildflower Yellow Sale price$17.00
Pearl Sale price$17.00
Daisy LightDaisy Light
Daisy Light Sale price$17.00
Buttercup LightButtercup Light
Buttercup Light Sale price$17.00
Rose PeachRose Peach
Rose Peach Sale price$17.00
Flora LightFlora Light
Flora Light Sale price$17.00
Peony Peach LightPeony Peach Light
Peony Peach Light Sale price$17.00
Blossom Pastel LightBlossom Pastel Light
Blossom Pastel Light Sale price$17.00

"one-of-a-kind piece that's sure to turn heads"



Every piece is lovingly handcrafted


Attention to detail define every piece.


Environmentally conscious approach by optimizing usage of our fabrics


Celebrate cultural traditions and ancestral craftsmanship